• Feng Shui Colors for the Bathroom

    The bathroom is a space for cleansing and purifying the body, relaxing and soothing your mind in the tub and refreshing yourself. Incorporating colors for these moods is the easiest tip for feng shui colors for the bathroom. Many bathroom colors mimic spas, and are calming, soothing and uplifting.

    Feng Shui colors for the bathroom

    Tip: A bathroom is a great place to mix color with textures, especially natural textures such as wood, stone or glass. Feng shui colors for the bathroom are a wide range of colors.

    Light cool colors- Shades of greens,mints, blues, creams,whites and lavenders.

    Light colors will brighten the bathroom and expand it, making the space look bigger. If you want to mimic a “spa retreat” then these  colors are the perfect color palette for that. The color green brings healing and nature, yellow represents the sun, and blue is calming like the ocean and the sky.

    Cool Colors - Create an uplifting and soothing energy, they tend to be widely used and most beneficial for a spa-like bathroom.

    Dark Colors- Shades of purple, red, magenta, black, and browns.

    Darker colors may make the space look smaller so it’s good to use these colors in bigger spaces and mixing these colors with a lighter color is good. Darker colors make the bathroom warm and inviting. Try to use the darker shades as accents and the lighter shades on the wall. When these colors are used correctly they are striking.

    Warm Colors- Warm colors in bathroom help to balance dark and damp energies.

    Tip: Remember Feng Shui colors are about awareness, choose colors that make you feel good when they surround you.

    Remember feng shui colors for the bathroom is using colors that make you feel good when you look at the color and when you are in the room. The Color choice will also depends on how you want to feel when you are in that room. If you like bright colors but think it may be too much for a room or small space, then use a pop of color, or a splash of color. You don’t have to put the same color on the walls, floor, objects and ceiling.

    Good General Tips For All Bathrooms

    1. Keep the toilet lid down at all times, and keep the door closed as much as possible.

    2. Place growing bamboo plants in the bathroom, especially where they can be reflected in the mirror is good luck.

    3. Using earthy textures or objects such as a terra cotta or stone in the bathroom is a good for balancing.

    4. Open the window whenever possible to re-energize the air. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, hang a mirror above the toilet.

    5. Use gold-colored towels to attract abundance. This can also help to counteract any down-the-drain effect.



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